This page is a work in progress…I am still working on photographing and uploading the range of fabrics that I have in stock.  If you are looking for something that isn’t listed here, please email to ask as it may waiting to be loaded up to the website.

Listed here are delustered satins, silk dupion, Thai silk, organza,  counted linens, fine linen, calico, quilter’s muslin, homespun, printed cottons, velvet and monocanvas.  Please check back as they will not all be listed at once as I have too many!

The minimum cut on fabrics by the metre is 20cm.  Many of the counted linens are available as a half width – the listing will give you this option if it is available.

Some fabrics will be listed in more than one category – for example silk organza will be listed in ‘silk’ and ‘organza’.

Please be aware that while I have checked the photos to be as close as possible to the actual fabric, your own monitor settings will affect the colours that you are seeing.