Bead Embroidery Chinese Style




Bead Embroidery Chinese Style by Han Yu features both hand beading as well as beading with a tambour hook.  This is a great little book with detailed step by step diagrams and a range of projects using both threaded needle and tambour hook that have step by step photos of how to handle the order of work in the projects.  My only criticism of this book is that there are no patterns for the projects – some you could enlarge the design in the photo with a photocopier but others you would need to sketch out yourself.

Han Yu trained at Maison Lesage and the Royal School of Needlework and teaches in China.

Hardcover book – 184 pages


If you are looking for tambour hook sets, replacement hooks, metal tambour threads, books on tambour or silk organza for working tambour embroidery on, you are in the right place!