Bordering on French




This piece is inspired by the opulent borders worked by French embroiderers in the eighteenth century for court attire.  Stunning borders in silk and Goldwork were embroidered both on ladies’ gowns and on men’s suits.  The extravagant embroidery was so loved that in 1749 the English government passed laws to prevent the importation of the embroidery – either on finished garments or in pieces – to protect the English embroidery industry.

The beautiful purple silk used for this design is French silk that I purchased in Paris in 2010. The berry silk is Italian silk that was purchased at the same time.  The piece has been designed so that it would neatly tuck into itself to become a repeating border if desired.

Embroidered in English gilt threads, French paillettes and using techniques of the period, the kit includes all materials required to work the design.  Design Size:  14cm x 15cm


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