Cane Toad Leather


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A fabulous use for these nasty little critters that were introduced into Australia to eat cane beetles and have over run the top half of Australia.  I have a large range of glazed skins in stock – the supplier is discontinuing the matte skins.  Prices are for a half Skin – full skins are available (please email to see what is in stock).

Photo shows top row – Glazed: Mustard, Apricot, Rose, Light Oxblood (discontinued), Dark Oxblood, Brown, Jade.

Bottom row – Matte: Red/Orange (discontinued), Light Brown with Black (discontinued), Golden Brown (discontinued), Medium Brown, (discontinued), Light Brown (discontinued), White, Black (discontinued), Dark Green (discontinued).  Unfortunately the supplier is discontinuing the matte skins except for white.

Second photo shows glazed skins in: Red, Navy (discontinued), Dark Green, Black, Lavender

Third photo shows glazed skins in: Fuchsia, Lapis Blue, Orange Red and Tan.

Fourth photo shows aqua and pinky red.

These are Australian produced leathers from non-native (and non-endangered) species. Cane toads are an introduced pest in Northern Australia.

They are all different sizings – smallest approximately 7cm x 7cm (not including leggy bits) – largest 8cm x 9cm.