Childhood Memories




Childhood Memories is inspired by the poem ‘The Triantiwontigongolope’ by Australian Poet CJ Dennis (1876-1938).  It was one of my favourites when we were studying poetry in primary school – my other favourite was ‘The Ant Explorer’ – also by CJ Dennis.  If you haven’t heard of this poem before, it is about a fantastical insect which at the end of the poem, the author confesses isn’t real – but it might be ‘If the trees and grass were purple, and the sky was bottle green’.

This piece is embroidered in Stumpwork and Goldwork techniques along with a few materials and techniques that I use in textile art pieces.  The elytra are worked detached with an Or Nue style filling while the organza flight wings have cornelli couching on them.  The embroidery uses three wiring and two padding techniques, and is worked in a range of silk threads and English gilt and coloured metal threads on a background of silk dupion and mulberry bark.

Design size is 15cm x 15cm