Cs Sadi Threads


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Price: $2.20 per packet

Approximately 1 gram per packet – Bright, clear colours in check finishes. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Wholesale enquiries welcome on this product – please call or email for pricing.

Colour codes by row (top to bottom)

Row 1: NRN-20 (Aqua/Silver), Pale Pink/Pale Blue, NRN-15 (Hot Pink/Turquoise), NRN Silver Multi

Row 2: NRN-2 (Black/Gold), NRN Gold/Silver, Coral/Green/Orange, NSC Pewter

Row 3: NSC Magenta, NRN Cerise Multi, NRN-9 (Magenta/Turquoise), NRN-23 (Pink Multi)

Row 4: NRN-17 (Red/Green), NRN-14 (Pink/Purple), NRN-4 ( Black/Multi), NRN-22 (Black/Gold)

Row 5: NSC Mauve, NRN Back Multi, NRN-10 (Red), NSC Burnt Orange

Row 6: Sadi Twist NCC (Flesh), NDKA (Champagne), NSC-Gold