Fashion Embroidery




Fashion Embroidery – Embroidery Techniques and Inspiration for Haute-Couture Clothing by Jessica Jane Pile

From the cover of the book:”With simple instructions and step by step photography in one essential handbook, stunning customization of your own garments has never been easier.”

“This easy to follow guide reveals the techniques used by high end fashion houses and explains how they can be applied to your own designs.  Jessica Jane Pile, production director and Hand & Lock Embroidery, explains each technique, from basic embroidery stitches, such as cross stitch and French knots, to silk shading, goldwork, tambour beading and three dimensional materials.”

I’m stocking this book because it has great step by step photos for tambour embroidery/beading – the instructions for Goldwork and hand embroidery are not fantastic and in some cases the photos and text are in opposition to each other.  The photos of couture embroidery throughout the book are stunning.

Hardcover book – 144 pages


If you are looking for tambour hook sets, replacement hooks, metal tambour threads, books on tambour or silk organza for working tambour embroidery on, you are in the right place!