Gilt Sylke Twist


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Stunning French silk wrapped with a gilt wire.  Reel contains 32 metres

Main photo shows:

Top Row: Gredaline, Vyolet, Perse, Popyngay, Azure, Beriall, Pluncket, Celestyne

Middle Row: Honey, Marigolde, Sanguine, Lustie Gallant, Flame, Maidens Blushe, Incarnadine, Rosyne, Rosa Seca

Bottom Row: Black, Burnet, Cinnamond, Filberd, Russet, Deere, Chamois, Aish, Bisse

Middle Photos shows – left (top to bottom) Azure, Bisse, Gawdie Green, Graie Blewe (discontinued – replaced by Celestyne), Isabella (now discontinued)

right: Indigo Blue (discontinued), Purple, Black, Sable (Discontinued), Lincolne Green

also available: Redde, Grene, Skarlet, Watchet Blewe

Bottom photo shows new colours – left: Sanguine, Pluncket, Drakes, Popyngay

right: Cinnamond, Honey (Replaces Isabella), Marigolde, Gosetourde Grene