Gli Antichi – A Fili Contati


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Gli Antichi – A Fili Contati is Notebook 2 in the series of books by Giuliana Buonpadre

This book features counted Satin stitches as explored by Giuliana and her students – other stitches such as four sided, back and sorbello are also discussed within the context of their exploration.  Written in Italian, English and French with clear diagrams and lovely colour photos of inspiration of how the stitches can be used.

‘In this notebook of embroidery I wish to discuss counted satin stitch as it was dealt with in my School, starting with the working of the more simple borders increasingly enriched with square stitch, back stitch, bullion stitch and Rhodes stitch…’

The stunning cushion shown in the second photo is only showing how the borders can be used alongside reticella and netting – it doesn’t include the pattern for the cushion – only the borders.  The Reticella is covered in Notebook 3 and the netting is in Notebook 4.

Soft cover – 64 pages

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