Jacobean Sunset



Embroidered on lustrous hand dyed Hanah silk velvet using a large range of metal threads, you will find this kit a treasure trove!  There are thirty four components – ranging from the velvet to Hanah silk ribbon, English gilt and 2% gold metal threads, English coloured metal threads, sadi, shim, beads, garnets, kid leather and jaquard organza.  I can hear Steve complaining already!

The design features detached elements worked in a technique that I learned in France many years ago along with trellis and battlemented couching to create depth.

The Jacobean styled design is approximately 16cm diametre and I will be framing inside a circular opening cut mount when the framer re-opens.  The design is worked in a hoop but if you wish to put it in a regular rectangular opening frame, I would lace it on a frame to eliminate hoop marks on the velvet.


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Blood Red, Dusky Rose, Plum, Royal Purple, Emerald Green