Little Bit of Luxe


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Little Bit of Luxe is a small domed casket that I have been itching to create for a while!  Embroidered in English Gilt metal threads, Au Ver a Soie silks, lustrous freshwater pearls and a few crystal pearls on a base of hand dyed silk velvet (dyed by Colour Streams especially for us!) everything about this project is opulent.  Once worked, the embroidery is mounted on the casket and then trimmed.  The caskets are designed by Steve and are laser cut and hand assembled – the completed wooden box is included in the kit.  The braids that trim the casket are fingerlooped braids – that you will make yourself!  The instructions for the entire project (including the braids and mounting the work) are in a full colour booklet and there is also a secret video link to help you with the braiding.  The boxes are lined in European hand marbled paper – more luxe!  The completed casket measures approximately 10cm long x 5cm deep x 7.5cm high.

These kits will be packed to order – so it is essentially the way we do the pre-orders of a new design if you have bought from us before (so please don’t expect same day shipping!)  At the moment we are still waiting on some the components to arrive – we will get the kits out as soon as possible but the shipping delays we are experiencing are out of our control.  I have uploaded a photo of the blue and green velvets but they are much nicer than the photo is showing – very rich, deep colour, so please use the photo as a guide/indication of the actual colour.

The kits will be available with a choice of velvet colour (red, blue, and green) and with a choice of marbled paper (which varies from sheet to sheet – the photos are a guide).  The paper is available in traditional red/pink feathered marble, red/green/gold star marble and the dark fan marble that I have used which is also red/green gold.  Note:  The red/pink feathered marble has other colours in it – red/pink is the predominant colour but some of the sheets have quite a lot of blue and some have more green – I will select for you that goes best with your velvet if you pick this paper. And finally, in case you didn’t know, if you click on the images, they will open up to a larger image so you can see the detail

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Red Velvet with Red/Pink feathered paper, Red Velvet with Red/Green/Gold Star paper, Red Velvet with dark Red/Green/Gold Fan paper, Blue Velvet with Red/Pink feathered paper, Blue Velvet with Red/Green/Gold Star paper, Blue Velvet with dark Red/Green/Gold Fan paper, Green Velvet with Red/Pink feathered paper, Green Velvet with Red/Green/Gold Star paper, Green Velvet with dark Red/Green/Gold Fan paper