Merklappen uit de lage landen




Merklappen uit de lage landen – Met Teltekeningen by Joke Visser is a book on Dutch samplers.  The title translates to Samplers from the Low Countries with Counted Drawings.  While written in Dutch, it has information on Dutch samplers and stitches used and then goes on to show 25 historic samplers – 10 of which are charted in the second half of the book.  A fabulous book if you are into samplers (and have a love of Google Translate!)

Translated from the back of the book:  “The linen cupboard used to play a major role in the lives of housewives and young girls. Anyone who took a large and well-kept expansion into a marriage hold as a good and honorable party. And all that linen was embroidered with letters. That the embroidery of this letter was practiced diligently is demonstrated by the old marquees that have been preserved.

Samplers from the low countries contains a selection of the most beautiful samplers from the special collection of Joke Visser. In addition to a general introduction, the book of each depicted sampler piece ordered a description which extensively discussed the meaning of the symbols used.

Samplers from the low countries also contains the complete counting drawings of ten of the pictured samplers for embroidery enthusiasts to embroider themselves.”

Hardcover book – 176 pages