Paisley Pashmina


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Paisley Pashmina is a wool pashmina embroidered with Pearsall’s silks and English metal threads in a paisley floral design. (The embroidery is worked as a feature on one end of the wrap only.) The design utilizes gold kid, paillettes, purl and various couching threads including twists and check thread. The kit is unavailable in the blue colour pictured (as I have run out of pashminas this colour).  It is still available in Gold, Blood Red, Royal Blue, Caramel (silk blend pashmina) and Black. The design measures 55cm x 15cm.

This project can be purchased as a complete kit (shawl and metal and silk threads) $200.00, kit of threads (silk and metal) without the shawl for $176.00 or as a kit of metal threads only for $140.00.