Paua Shell Laminate


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Paua Shell Laminate and Mother of Pearl Laminate available in natural and colours – this product is a thin veneer of shell with self adhesive backing and polyurethane coating over the shell.  This product has a multitude of uses including inlay for woodwork and jewellery – but I like to use it in my embroidery.  It have used it in Shades of Blue, Rouge d’Or and Emerald Dragonfly to name a few.

Top Row Paua Laminate: Ochre, Red, Pink, Plum, Purple, Blue, Green, Natural, Natural Crazed, Yellow.

Bottom Row Mother of Pearl: Red, Pink (discontinued), White, Yellow, Turquoise, Peridot, Black/Silver, White/Brown, Mauve, Galaxy Paua, Galaxy Mother of Pearl.

Paua and Mother of Pearl pieces approximately 10cm square and come with self adhesive backing

Second photo:  Galaxy shell laminate – pieces approximately 7cm x 10cm and come with self adhesive backing – $15.00 per sheet

Third photo:  Aqua Mother of Pearl, Bright Yellow Paua, Peridot Paua, Ochre Galaxy