Posy of Violets


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Posy of Violets was designed to teach at the 2021 EGA National Seminar in Chicago – while the Seminar went ahead, I unfortunately couldn’t attend and so my friend and fellow tutor Kay Stanis took my class.  The violet is the state flower of Illinois – and also of New Jersey, Rhode Island and Wisconsin!  I just love violets and have little wild violets growing on our block – one day I will stitch these as well!

I decided that I wanted to make a posy of violets – a fully three dimensional little soft sculpture rather than a picture in a frame, and so they sit on a mirror under a dome.  They are stitched in Gumnut Yarns Stars silks and tied with a Colourstreams silk ribbon.  All materials are included in the kit including the mirror and glass dome.

These kits are available now!

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