Rainbow Gallery Silk Splendor


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Rainbow Gallery Silk Splendor is a 12 ply stranded silk with 7.3 metres on the card.  I will be expanding this range with every order, so if there is a shade that you are after that isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Click on the photos to enlarge.

Photo 2
Top Row L to R:  S819 Dark Coral, S825 Dark Antique Mauve, S827 Dark Burgundy, S847 Light Olive, S848 Olive, S849 Dark Olive
Middle Row L to R:  S860 Lite Sky Blue, S861 Wedgewood Blue, S862 Dark Wedgewood, S914 Lite Antique Blue, S915 Antique Blue
Bottom Row L to R:  S934 Pale Amethyst, S935 Lite Amethyst, S936 Medium Amethyst, S958 Pistachio, S1010 Lite Old Gold, S1011 Medium Old Gold

Photo 3
Top Row L to R:  S1038 Medium Camel, S1039 Dark Camel, S1040 Ginger, S1047 Marine Aqua, S1048 Lite Brass, S1049 Brass, S1050 Dark Brass
Middle Row L to R:  S1061 Pale Fern Green, S1062 Lite Fern Green, S1063 Fern Green, S1064 Dark Fern Green, S1069 Lite Geranium, S1070 Geranium, S1071 Dark Geranium
Bottom Row L to R:  S1080 Brick, S1084 Honey Bronze, S1085 Golden Bronze, S1095 Lite Peony, S1096 Peony, S1097 Dark Peony, S1107 Medium Goldenrod, S1159 Antique Plum

Photo 4
Top Row L to R:  S876, S908, S909, S933, S999
Bottom Row L to R:  S1006, S1007, S1008, S1057, S1155



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S819, S825, S827, S847, S876, S848, S849, S860, S861, S862, S908, S909, S914, S915, S933, S934, S935, S936, S958, S999, S1006, S1007, S1008, S1010, S1011, S1038, S1039, S1040, S1047, S1048, S1049, S1050, S1057, S1061, S1062, S1063, S1064, S1069, S1070, S1071, S1080, S1084, S1085, S1095, S1096, S1097, S1107, S1155, S1159