Silken Chenille and Silk n Colors


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Silken Chenille and Silk n Colors stranded silk by The Thread Gatherer. While I have used this thread for a long time, I haven’t had it on the website. I am now expanding the range, so if there is a colour you would like that you don’t see here, please ask!

Silken Chenille (L to R) Maidenhair Fern, Pearled Blues, Blue Seas, Wood Smoke, Burnished Gold, Autumn Foliage, Rose Blush, Winter Moon and Kringles’ Coat

Silk n Colors (L to R) Mermaid Shimmer, Stormy Skies, Willow Green, Marsh Grasses, Ozark Spring, Prairie Grass, Plum Honey, Dung Paper, Chocolate Caramel, Rusty Amber, Glowing Ember, Phoenix Rising, Orange Grove, Mayfair, Frosted Auburn and Berry Spritz

Second Photo shows Silk n Colours (L to R):  The Lavenders, Evergreen, Seafoam Green, Sweet Peas, Forest of Greens, Mauveberry, Hydrangea, Antique Roses, Desert Dawn, Autumn Honey, Bear Brown, Autumn on the Cape, Sushi Flower, Apples and Oak Leaves, Turkey Feathers, Tattered Parchment, Midsummer Vineyard, Autumn Bouquet

Third photo shows Silk n Colors (L to R):  Tuscan Sun, Pond Scum, Dark Forest, Irish Cobb, Bleu Sage, Cormorant Gaze, Bohemia Tryst, Dragon’s Breath, Mr Mineri’s Opal, Peach Wood, Cedar Bark, Cinnamon Stick, Periwinkle, Wild Violets, Kings Flock

Not photographed:  Nan’s Mulberry