Stumpwork Casket



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My wonderful husband Steve has been working on creating a casket body for me to embroider for the past eight years – and after five prototypes we have a winner!  We are thrilled to announce that he has gone into production and has a small number of them finished and ready to sell.  This will not be a limited edition – we are planning on keeping these on the website for as long as possible.  As they are finished, orders will be filled, so they won’t be sent out same day/next day as we try to do with our main product lines.

The Details!

The caskets are about 10% smaller than those that I have studied in the museums to make them a more achievable project.  They measure 21.5 cm wide x 20 cm high (including the feet – measuring from the table to the top of the lid) x 16cm deep.  There are three internal shelves behind the front opening doors:  is contains a large lower drawer, while the other two have two smaller drawers – behind which lie two secret compartments.  Under the lid is a tray, which when removed reveals another secret cavity under the tray.  All drawers and the tray are 3 cm deep.  Included is a booklet on hints and ideas, where to paint, paper and stitch and eight pages of drawings based on pieces in my collection and a bag containing the hardware for the drawer pullers/handles.

There are two photos in the product images of my casket in progress – the caskets being sold are fully constructed from laser cut Birch laser ply and completely bare and come with the feet, hinges and door catch already attached, as shown in the photos.  The Australian tax will be removed for international orders, as with all of our products.

Note that this is not a kit!  It does not contain any threads or materials – only the box with a colour booklet to help you create your own beautiful heirloom.

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