Susan Bates Embroidery Hoops


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Susan Bates Hoops are the embroidery hoops that I use and recommend.  I got my first Susan Bates Hoop when I was 12 years old and I still use it!  Make sure that when you use your hoop that you put the inner ring on the table with the lip facing upwards – then put on your fabric and then your outer ring.  The lip is what holds the fabric drum tight and it should sit proud of the outer ring.  The hoops in stock at the moment are a variety of bright colours (not the pale blue in the photo).


4″ Hoops (10cm) $5.50

5″ Hoops (12.5cm) $6.50

6″ Hoops (15cm) $7.50

7″ Hoops (17.5cm) $8.50

8″ Hoops (20cm) $9.50

10″ Hoops (25cm) $11.50