Tambour Hook Set




This Tambour Hook set comprises a wooden tambour handle and three different sized needles – #70 fine, #90 medium and #120 large.

Extra hooks are available individually in a range of sizes – #70, #80, #90, #100, #120 and #130 are kept in stock.  https://alisoncoleembroidery.com.au/product/tambour-hook-needles/

The best book that I have on tambour embroidery is Tambour Work https://alisoncoleembroidery.com.au/product/tambour-work/ and Point de Beauvais de A- Z is a tambour work project book with stitches other than the basics shown in step by step photos.  While written in French, the instructions are easy enough to work out from the photos.   https://alisoncoleembroidery.com.au/product/point-de-beauvais-de-z/

I also stock silver, gilt and 2% gold tambour thread – https://alisoncoleembroidery.com.au/product/tambour-thread/

and silk organza for working tambour on – https://alisoncoleembroidery.com.au/product/silk-organza/