The Art of Making Hand Beaded Bags




The Art of Making Hand Beaded Bags by Karen Torrisi is a 60 page soft cover with 16 projects for making beaded handbags.

‘Nothing quite gives the feeling of opulence and luxury than a fine piece of hand beaded work.  Shimmering sequins and beads, each painstakingly placed, produces the appearance, as Christian Dior says, ‘of the fingers of fairies’.  This wonderful art is an ancient one.  Once done by skilled artisans for the pleasure of the very rich, it still to this day has to be done by hand.’

‘Designed for the novice as well as the experienced hand beader, Karen Torrisi in The Art of making Hand Beaded Bags shows you exactly how to emulate the artisans of the past.  Sixteen beautiful handbag projects are presented with easy to follow steps including full descriptions of stitching techniques for:  cup sequins, bugle beads, seed beads, rhinestones, bricking, triple seed, loop encrusting, making sequin flowers, beaded loop, triple seed loop encrusting, loose loop fringing, loop border, loop ended fringing, beading on a ring frame, and more.’