Valdani Pearl Silks


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Valdani Pearl Silks are 20m spools of overdyed Au Ver a Soie Soie Perlée. As such they are beautiful to work with – lovely for needle-lace when a thicker thread is required. Colours shown in photograph are (left to right):

Top Row: S31, S46, S537, S5, S207, S511, S501, S212, S90, S205, S93

Middle Row: S37, S541, S592, S208, S204, S78, S522, S14, S43, S775, S534, S510, S244

Bottom Row: S49, S514, S506, S513, S565, S780, S154, S217, S519, S153, S543, S9, S203, S526, S39, S209