Wildflowers of Hepburn



Wildflowers of Hepburn is now available!  This project is in A Passion for Needlework 4 and features four local wildflowers from the Hepburn Shire – the salmon sun orchid, the slender blue sun orchid, the bulbine lily and native flax.  Sun orchids are an interesting little flower that will only open if it is warm and sunny.  If the bud is ready to open but it isn’t warm enough, the bud will polinate itself and skip straight to making a seed pod without ever opening the flower.  The bulbine lily and native flax are both indigenous food sources with the bulbine lily also being known as a native onion.  The native flax seeds can be ground to make a type of flour and the sinuous stems are used to make string.

The project creates fully three dimensional wildflowers that you can put in a vase or lay on a dresser or table.  They are embroidered in a range of beautiful silk threads:  Au Ver a Soie, Cascade House, Gloriana Silk and Gumnut Yarns silks – all tied with a Japanese ribbon and placed in a gorgeous little pot made in Ukraine.

The little pots are all different but are similar to the one in the photo, some are pink, some are white and some are beige, so if you have a colour preference, please put it in the notes section as you check out and we will try to accommodate you if possible.  Please remember though, no two are alike.


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