YLI 601 Couching Thread Metallic Colours


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YLI Cotton On Creations Couching Thread in Metallic Colours!

601 (Extra Fine) – per 100 metre reel

This thread can be either couched on the surface of your work or stitched with if using a short length in a needle with a suitable sized eye.

This thread was available in a range of Golds and Silver but has been out of stock since February 2020 – the supplier cannot tell us when the thread will be back in stock again.

Row 1 Top to Bottom:  Terracotta, Carnation Pink, Lavender, Purple
Row 2 T to B:  Pale Green, Aqua, Sapphire, Persian Blue
Row 3 T to B:  Spring Green, Green, Jade Green, Black
Row 4 T to B:  Blue/Pink Variegated, Red/Gold Variegated, Gold/Pink Variegated (out of stock), Silver/Light Blue Variegated